Lawn Fertilization in Liberty SC

Help Your Grass Grow Green and Healthy

Ask us about lawn fertilization services in the Liberty, Clemson, & Anderson, SC areas

Do you cut and water your grass regularly but still suffer from a patchy and discolored yard? Sometimes grass needs an extra boost of nutrients to help it thrive. In addition to standard landscaping services, Danyels Turf also offers lawn fertilization for clients in the Liberty, SC area.

Using a specialized blend of nutrients, we'll kick-start your lawn for stronger, healthier growth. We have decades of experience providing landscaping services for both residential and commercial clients, so no property is too large for our team.

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3 signs it's time to fertilize your lawn

It's not always easy for homeowners to recognize when their grass isn't receiving enough nutrients.

You should contact us for lawn fertilization if you notice:

1. Slow growth and a yellow color - this could be a sign of a nitrogen deficiency.
2. Fairy rings - mushroom circles are an obvious sign that there's excess fungal growth on your lawn.
3. Blue-green or purple growth - grass without enough phosphorous will start out blue and eventually shift to a deep red color.

We'll inspect your lawn first to determine the best fertilizer mixture to use. Reach out today to get started.